Marketing Your Home

Collage of home photograph examples

FREE accompanied viewings

  • Professional, friendly service from our property specialists.
  • Potential buyers feel at ease to have a good look around the property.
  • Encourages honest and instant feedback with no pressure.
  • Experienced staff talk through concerns and suggest improvement ideas.
  • House hunters free to discuss modifications to the property without fear of offending vendor.
Example Floor Plan

Floor plans

  • Fully to scale, and in colour.
  • Tried and tested way of maximising viewings.
  • Help potential buyers visualise their belongings in situ.
  • Encourage house hunters to consider whether the layout
  • works for their lifestyle.
  • Better quality viewings equate to better quality sales.

Outstanding photography

With over 40 years experience of which pictures to take , and crucially at what time of day to take them. Our expertise will draw buyers to your property.

Collage of home photograph examples